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Extraoral Implant Hygiene

The next time you see a patient requiring treatment related to any implant-supported prosthesis (i.e. crown, bridge, denture, hybrid, etc.) make sure to do you and

That's not how it works

Sodium Hypo-WATER?

Have you ever assumed other dentists do a procedure the same way as you only to realize you were VERY wrong? Same. Picture this: Mid-NSRCT Tooth #12, I

Dont Forget to Take Your Pill

Can’t Resist This

If you’ve ever had a patient that requires antibiotic prophylaxis for dental treatment then you know your faculty LOVES to quiz you on it at the start of the appt. So here’s a

First Impression

Making a Good First Impression

As if taking a good first impression isn’t already hard enough, it becomes that much harder when you’re taking an open-tray implant impression. Because what’s more

Man Came To His Senses

Those Colors Mean Something

Every. Time. I pick up a diamond bur and see a colored ring around it I’m like, “Ah yes…I learned about this in Fixed but don’t


All You Need is ‘Natty’ Light​

Sit back and think for a moment. How many times have you grabbed your Vita Shade Guide, put the tabs right next to the patient’s

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Past Episodes of The Tea(th)

The Tea(th) – 19th Ed: To The Moon!

In this week’s edition: TikTok, Leave Britney Dentures ALONE!, S(c)urvey Says: Bleeding Gums, To The MOON!, Bob, I appreciate how much you appreciate my time, Extraoral Implant Hygiene, and more!