Extraoral Implant Hygiene

keep it clean

The next time you see a patient requiring treatment related to any implant-supported prosthesis (i.e. crown, bridge, denture, hybrid, etc.) make sure to do you and your patient a favor and keep those parts clean! Whether it’s the healing abutment you’re removing to take an impression, or crown you’re about to deliver to get the easiest fixed prosth points of your life, place them in a small medicine cup with peridex while outside of the patient’s mouth. Further, take a cotton tip applicator (#CTA) or monojet syringe and cleanse the area surrounding the implant as well. We all know how cruel peri-mucositis and peri-implantitis can be, and the last thing you want to introduce to the implant are any microorganisms. Bonus Tip: If the patient has more than one implant you’re working on, utilize multiple medicine cups and label them with the Tooth# so as to not mix anything up.

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