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Due to decreased demand and an uptick in dental schools using 3D printed teeth, we no longer offer extracted teeth / our Tooth Identifier kits.  If you are in need of teeth, we recommend calling up the dentist you shadowed, they can likely collect teeth ahead of time which you can use for your pre-clinical courses.  We do still offer online educations content and webinars, check out our other resources!

We thank our previous tooth donors for all of their continued support of our project. We served hundreds of students with the donated teeth and helped the dentist of tomorrow, today!

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It’s expensive to ship kits to and from dental offices across the country, maintain our web applications, and pay support staff to keep our organization operational.

Help us in our mission through direct contribution.

We are a 501(c)(3) educational organization with locations in Miami, FL and Pittsburgh, PA, EIN 81-3416275. All contributions are tax deductible. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for the contribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Tooth Bank is a nonprofit organization made up of a community of dental students, dentists, and volunteers working together to provide current and future dental students crucial resources to help them succeed and make life in dental school a little more manageable. These resources will include student-driven webinars and videos for clinical techniques, National Boards help, and a jar of extracted teeth that will be integral to practice along with these resources. Dental schools currently represented on our board are: the University of Pittsburgh, Nova Southeastern University, the University of Maryland, Tufts University, New York University, the University of Florida, and LECOM.

Dental school is one of the most challenging academic programs in the United States, demanding that students absorb a huge amount of complex and critical information as they prepare for their careers as dentists. Often, students can find themselves overwhelmed with the difficulty of the curriculum, and lack of access to the resources, like extracted teeth, necessary to comprehend and practice some of the more difficult subjects in dental school. Our goal is to change that by creating a nonprofit organization that will provide students with an array of resources and educational tools they can utilize, and extracted teeth will be integral to this.

Not only will you be providing students with those hard-to-find teeth, but because we are a certified 501(c)3 organization, any donation of teeth or other resources is tax deductible. The final amount you will receive is based off weight, after we receive the teeth and they are sorted. Once this is determined, you will receive a personalized letter of contribution with the amount.

Our organization is only able to operate through the support of our generous donors. All donations are used to cover shipping costs, pay fees associated with running our website, production costs, and other general expenses. We are currently run by student volunteers. We appreciate any support and thank you for giving back to help dental students around the country!

Yes! We have worked diligently with OSHA, CDC, ADA, National Board of Dentistry, and USPS to comply with all state and federal regulations ensuring that everything we are doing is completely above board.

If you are a dentist and are interested in donating, the process is simple and there’s no cost to you! We want to make this as effortless as possible for you and your practice. Here’s what to expect once you sign up:
  • You will receive an email confirming that you have successfully signed up!
  • If you opted to receive a Tooth-Donation Kit, you will receive a follow-up email regarding the shipping status with a unique pin so you can track the package.
  • Upon arrival, open the box and follow the included instructions to begin collecting teeth.
  • Once the jar is sufficiently filled, close everything up in the box, and ship it back using our included prepaid shipping labels!

Fair question, however, we are NOT selling teeth. We are an educational 501(c)(3) and all teeth donated by dentists will be given to students as part of an educational program. It will include videos on dental anatomy as well as a Tooth Identifier booklet that all students will receive in their boxes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected] and our support team will be happy to help!

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