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Authors List

Renae Sweeney


I'm in charge of all things social media and content creation

Jossen Gastelum

General Dentist/Editor

Create content for our social media with a focus on providing information for new dentists..

Diana Kim

General Dentist/Editor

I am on the Thought Leaders Team! I am specifically involved with bringing in valuable resources to dental students through creative social media content.

Jack Lupfer

General Dentist/Editor

I help create content on social media and on our website

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Past Episodes of The Tea(th)

The Tea(th) – 19th Ed: To The Moon!

In this week’s edition: TikTok, Leave Britney Dentures ALONE!, S(c)urvey Says: Bleeding Gums, To The MOON!, Bob, I appreciate how much you appreciate my time, Extraoral Implant Hygiene, and more!