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Amalgam Crunch

What’s the worst feeling in the world? I agree, that moment when you go to check the occlusion on your Class II amalgam and the patient



Have you ever had GREAT rubber dam isolation and yet still can’t keep that canal isolated for a NSRCT or gingival floor of the box dry for


Composite Stick No More

We’ve all been there, whether it’s a beautiful anterior Class IV or straight forward posterior Class I. You have the tooth ready to restore, acid


No Cotton Roll Left Behind

It’s always an awko-taco moment when you dismiss the patient from your chair and they ask, “So doc, am I supposed to keep this in

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Renae Sweeney


I'm in charge of all things social media and content creation

Jossen Gastelum

General Dentist/Editor

Create content for our social media with a focus on providing information for new dentists..

Diana Kim

General Dentist/Editor

I am on the Thought Leaders Team! I am specifically involved with bringing in valuable resources to dental students through creative social media content.

Jack Lupfer

General Dentist/Editor

I help create content on social media and on our website

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