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Dont Forget to Take Your Pill

If you’ve ever had a patient that requires antibiotic prophylaxis for dental treatment then you know your faculty LOVES to quiz you on it at the start of the appt. So here’s a tip to remember what kinds of antibiotic dosing your patient may require, via the mnemonicAntibiotics Allow Clinical Clearance (AACC)The first line antibiotic will always be Amoxicillin, 2.0g PO. However, if your patient has a known penicillin allergy and is unable to take such then they will either take Azithromycin, 500mg PO or Cephalexin, 2.0g PO or Clindamycin, 600mg PO. These are adult dosages, thus if the patient is a child then the dosages are 50mg/kg, 15mg/kg, 50mg/kg, and 20mg/kg, respectively.

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