Real Queens Fix Each Others Crowns Without Telling the World it was Crooked

minion pyramid falls upsidedown
This took on a whole new meaning this appointment. While seating a crown on #5, I realized the crown could seat equally when placed forward/backward (with the buccal facing lingually). However, when placed backwards the mesial margin was slightly open. Confident that I knew which side was correct, my assistant filled the crown with cement and handed it to me. I quickly placed it on the prep, cured it, and then did my usual cleaning/polishing. Next, I checked the occlusion…only to realize the lingual cusp was facing me. *GULP.* I…cemented the crown BACKWARDS — cue the internal scream… ”OMG no, How did I do this?!” I promptly fessed up to the patient, who was none the wiser and started laughing. Needless to say, she will be returning next week for a remake.
Word to the wise, when cementing a crown, double, triple, quadruple…just check a million times that your crown is seated properly before fully cementing!

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