Crown Prep Goals and Brownie Batter…Burs


The most horrid thing to see after you finish prepping a tooth for a crown is the upset look on your patient’s face when they see what your shade D3 block carved provisional looks like. Just kidding, it’s when you proceed to scan or pour up the impression and bear witness to sharp line anglesirregular finish lines, and unsmooth axial walls. (Not in that order obviously.) But have no fear, [chocolate chip] brownies are here! Next time you prep a tooth for a crown, before making the temporary and impressing/scanning, take a slow speed brownie polisher and gently run it around the axial walls, line angles, and finish line. Not only will this make for a more aesthetic and clean look, but it will help your lab to fabricate a better crown and produce far greater clinical outcomes when it comes to bonding protocols and procedures. Plus you get to telly our patient, “Yea, this brownie is actually ~*good*~ for your teeth.”

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