Biomimetric Restorative Dentistry Starter Kit

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@doctorjossen presents:

A Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry Starter Kit — here’s a look at my daily workflow materials!

Immediate Dentin Sealing with the Clearfil SE Protect System (Primer & Bond)
– The SE Protect system is known as a “gold standard adhesive” by the Biomimetic crowd, and is the first step in creating the foundation for your Biomimetic restorations.

Resin Coating with Clearfil Majesty Flow
– Clearfil Majesty Flow is highly filled (81%) and the perfect viscosity for resin coating (not too runny and not too sticky).

Fiber Reinforcement with GC America Ever X Flow 🔥
– A flowable fiber-reinforced composite, this can be used as a resin coat as well directly above any visualized fracture lines, or it can be used as a bulk fill dentin layer in your direct restorations to help decrease the effects of polymerization shrinkage and residual stress.

Have you used any of these materials?

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