Silver Diamine Fluoride Can Stop Decay

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Silver Diamine Fluoride Can Stop Decay
Imagine stopping a cavity in its tracks with just a drop of liquid brushed onto the offending spot. No shots, drilling, anxiety or pain involved. Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat tooth hypersensitivity in 2014, but has increasingly been used “off-label” in children and adults to stop decay. It can be especially helpful for children, the elderly and other populations who may be more difficult to treat. “It gets people out of pain and it stops the progression of the decay process and buys us some time.” It’s also an important option for people who have a difficult time getting to a dentist or tolerating conventional dental care, including older adults in nursing homes, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, or people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

So what are the drawbacks?! The main downside is that the liquid will turn the cavity permanently black, an aesthetic problem that would be particularly visible in any front teeth. However, any healthy part of the tooth would not be affected by this color change. SDF is also not an option in situations where the decay extends to the pulp, endodontics treatment is still required.

What are your thoughts on Silver Diamine Fluoride?!

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