What Is Immediate Dentin Sealing?


Immediate Dentin Sealing refers to the application of adhesive/bonding to the dentin directly after preparation (when it is freshly cut). This procedure is frequently combined with a resin coating step or a decoupling with time step if using before a direct restorative procedure.

Advantages of IDS include: “decrease in bacterial leakage, postoperative sensitivity and gap formation, increase in bond strength, mechanical resistance of the overlaying restoration, reinforcement of tooth structure, as well as many practical advantages.” (*3)

Why does it work?

“Freshly cut dentin is uncontaminated and clean, thus more easily capable of resin infiltration.” (*2)

“Dentin bond strength develops progressively over time, probably owing to the completion of the copolymeri- zation process involving the different monomers.” (*1)

It is supported by the newest research: a 2021 study in the Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry states “It appears that immediate dentin sealing was confirmed to significantly improve the bond strength of all tested adhesives.” (*3)

How do you do IDS?

IDS according to Pascal Magne:
Immediately after finishing your preparation, freshly cut your exposed dentin with a diamond bur for an etch-&-rinse system or carbide bur for a self-etch system (*4)

Apply bond according to instructions for either etch-&-bond system or self-etch system. Place thick layer, then “excess moisture removal can be achieved by use of suction drying (negative air pressure)” instead of air drying (*1).

Cure again through layer of glycerin gel for 10 seconds to reduce “oxygen-inhibited layer” (*4)

Re-prepare enamel margins before taking impression to remove any excess bond.

At delivery, use gentle air-abrasion, re-etch enamel margins, and deliver with resin-based luting agent (*4)

Click on the link below  for the full article and links to references!

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