What is COVID Tongue?!

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It’s been more than a year since Covid-19 landed in the United States. And the once-perplexing array of symptoms like coughing, fever, shortness of breath, and loss of taste and smell are now very familiar to doctors around the country. Yet even now researchers are finding new symptoms. Experts recently started receiving reports of mouth ulcers and something called Covid tongue — a fuzzy yellow-white coating on the tongue. A british researcher who is helping to track Covid-19 warning signs is reporting more cases of infected people complaining of tongue discoloration, enlargement and other mouth problems. The main symptoms he hears about are a “furry coating” of the tongue that can be white or yellow and can’t be brushed away, and a scalloped tongue. The condition can be painful.

Until there’s more data, it’s too early to add “COVID tongue” to any official symptom lists, but dentists, oral surgeons and other doctors looking inside people’s mouths should be aware it might be one of the early signs of infection. After all, After all, the loss of smell and taste seemed to be a strange symptom at first, but is now considered one of the common manifestations of COVID-19.

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Source: https://apple.news/AmBu11VU7QvaTuJfZEQbY1g

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