Do NOT let your patient place that CD/CD you spent the entire night before perfectly setting teeth for in their mouth themselves when still set in wax. Why? Let’s just say our “friend” once trusted a patient when they snatched the prosthesis from their hand saying, “Let me put it in, I know how to do it better.” Next thing ya know they bit down on those suckers with a force like their life depended on it. As if the denture wasn’t already trashed by them shoving it in, the sheer force of that bite crushed the perfectly festooned wax and launch those lingualized occlusion teeth out of their mouth, through the air. This was especially apparent on the lower CD since there’s generally less soft-tissue and bone support. Good thing I…I mean “my friend”…didn’t have plans to go home early that night or anything and watch Peter royally continue to mess up his life during “The Bachelor Season 24: Just Pick a Girl Already Bro!”


A lab tech said a dentist called him asking, “How long after I cement the crown does it take for it to change from purple to tooth colored?!” Sorry to burst your bubble, E.max crowns don’t have mood-ring-changing, magical powers. Someone clearly didn’t read the instructions. Make sure to always put those suckers in the Easy-Bake-Oven to cook for a solid 15-20mins before you attempt inserting and cementing them. You can thank us later.

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