Undiagnosed Diabetes Significantly Associated with Edentulism and Periodontis

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Undiagnosed diabetes mellitus (UDM) is associated with edentulism and periodontitis,according to a study published in The Journal of the American Dental Association. Periodontal disease and diabetes are widespread comorbid conditions that are detrimental to oral and overall health. Dentists’ performing chairside screenings for based study and whether UDM and periodontal disease were independently associated.

The researchers concluded that undiagnosed diabetes mellitus (UDM) is significantly associated with obesity, edentulism, and periodontitis. These characteristics could help dentists identify patients at higher risk of developing DM. Patients without these characteristics still have Undiagnosed diabetes mellitus (UDM), so dentists performing chairside diabetes screening for all patients would yield additional benefits.

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