Tips to Applying to a New Job

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Applying for a job as a dentist can be difficult especially when it’s during a pandemic! If you’re sitting there wondering, will I even be able to get a job as a dentist right now?! The answer is yes! While it may not seem easy to get hired, I promise the jobs are out there. So, how can you find the opportunities that fit you?

1.    Determine the location you want to work in; State, city, rural/urban, etc. Having a general location will allow you to narrow your search. Keep in mind how far you are willing to commute from home to the office.
2.    Ask yourself, “Do I want to work for a corporate office or private practice?” If you’re not sure, do your research, shadow, and talk to your colleagues who have worked in both types of practices!
3.    Where to start applying? First, contact friends, mentors, colleagues in dentistry to see I they have connections in your area of interest. If that doesn’t produce any leads, contact dental supply reps in that area (Patterson, Henry Schein, Benco, etc). The dental reps have strong relationships with dental offices and typically know who is hiring, selling, etc
4.    Nothing yet? Apply online! The ADA Career Center, local ADA affiliate, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and Glassdoor can be great resources for job opportunities. Avoid websites like Craigslist that often have illegitimate job listings.
5.    Be open to part time and temporary positions! Part time positions may not sound ideal, but hear me out. It allows you to see multiple offices, and work alongside different dentists and staff members. This allow you to learn a lot and see what you like/don’t like about each office. This will give you a better idea of what you want your ideal practice to be like especially if you plan to open your own practice one day! Working 2-3 part time positions is a common way to start out in dentistry
6.    Be patient! Everyone wants their ideal office right now but realize the perfect fit for you may take some time to find. Once you start working, it may take a little bit of time to build up your schedule as well, so keep an open mind to shadowing and learning from the other dentists in your office when you aren’t seeing patients

Good Luck to all the new dentists applying!

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