The Tea(th) – 2nd Ed: ‘Claud-y’ With a Chance of Enamel Erosion

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In this week's edition: 'Claud-y' With a Chance of Enamel Erosion, Vaping is...Bad? Revolutionary!, Hospitals Don't Think Dentistry is Essential, No One Loves Bob as Much as Bob, Block Out Your Bridges, and more!

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'Claud-y' With a Chance of Enamel Erosion


SURPRISINGLY, it turns out that TikTok actually isn’t a good source to get dental advice from. (Trust us, we were shocked too!) Recently, user @clauds244 created a video that went viral thanks to the #FYP, leaving dentists shaking their heads and G.V. Black rolling in his grave. (#RIP) The user advertises at-home teeth whitening via the direct application of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide on her teeth. Claiming “it worked so well she had to stop after Day 4.” Listen Claud, if your gripe with professional whitening is the cost then I’d hate for you to see just how expensive dental school is. *Proceeds to submerge body in H2O2 hoping it creates a Dental School Diploma.*

Vaping is...Bad? Revolutionary!

According to a recent study by the American Heart Association (AHA) the fluids in e-cigarettes and electronic vapers (which ya know usually contain the good stuff like propylene glycol, benzene, formaldehydes, etc.) actually contribute to systemic inflammatory processes leading to periodontal disease, caries, decreased wound healing, and oral cancer. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the AHA also confirmed it increases your risks for cardiovascular and lung disease. Yikes! Personally, we enjoyed how Dr. Purnima Kumar from THE OH…IO State University summed it up saying, “It’s absolutely scary stuff.” You can say that again Dr. Kumar!

Hospitals Don't Think Dentistry is Essential

Pediatric dentists are up-in-arms as they are increasingly denied access to OR time across the country. The reason? Among other things, some hospitals don’t believe dentistry is essential and they are concerned about increased aerosolization. Excuse me, but WTF? Oh, you thought that after 8 months of this pandemic playing out hospitals would be the one place that could deal with aerosol production from patients? Sorry Sherlock, think again!




Real patients, real stories, fake names.

Last week Bob came in for his prophy. As I start the cleaning he asks if he can listen to music. I say, “Sure man, of course!” He powers up his 2nd Gen. AirPods and starts tapping his leg to the beat. I should have asked him how he can afford those AirPods and not the crown he needs, but instead the conversation went like this:
  • Me: “What’re you listening to?”
  • Bob: “Kayne’s new album.”
  • Me: “Nice!”
  • Bob: “Yeah, I’m actually a Club Promoter. I sold out Madison Square Garden for Yeezy. I kind of hate him though. You know the song ‘Jesus Walks?’ I wrote that. EVERY. DAMN. WORD. Kanye stole my music and because of ‘some legal issue’ I haven’t seen a penny of the profits! He’s a con-man. You know his album ‘Graduation?’ That was me too. Every song.”
*Bob proceeds to tell me he also wrote music for Beyoncé, Eminem, and 50cent…all without ever getting credit. They all stole his work.* I should mention Bob had PSRs of 4 and didn’t believe in periodontal disease. Oddly enough I haven’t seen him since. Maybe he finally got the credit he deserved for Yeezy’s work after all…?

New Cause of Caries...U.F.O.s

Jean came into the office in a frantic panic. “What’s wrong?” I asked. She explained, “her teeth are being destroyed.” Concerned yet intrigued by the situation, I asked, “Tell me more about what’s happening and what you noticed?” Jean explains, “At night metal snakes rise out of my gums into my mouth, like you see in the alien movies, and eat away at my teeth, and it wakes me up! I get out of bed and can see them in my mouth when I look in the mirror but by the morning the teeth look normal again. I need your help doc, how do I stop them?!” …Dental school didn’t prepare me for this one!


Block Out Your Bridges

Have you ever been 4 minutes setting time into your PVS Impression for a crown prep on #14 only to remember that the patient has a Maryland Bridge spanning #8-X-10 that you didn’t block out? Us neither. Oh and to make matters better #8 has some gnarly external root resoprtion…Not to mention the patient isn’t exactly easy going and you’re running 10 minutes behind in clinic at the end of the day. Yea, talk about never being so fearful in your life as you *carefully* try to dislodge that impression tray from their mouth tugging with all your might. Long story short, ALWAYS double check the patinet doesn’t have a pontic, bridge, implant, etc. that needs to be blocked out with wax before taking a PVS impression.


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