On the Wedge of Glory


Have you ever been running behind in clinic, spent an absurd amount of time spoon-excavating out decay, only to *finally* get your faculty’s approval to move forward with restoring? Same. Better yet it’s a ~YUGE~ Class II and you know you’re about to fight the tofflemire to squeeze it between the teeth. After finally getting it in there you “forget” [read: think you know better than] to place a wedge because you’re like, “I ball-burnished the heck out of that contact, it will close nicely.” So you go ahead, restore, carve/polish, and remove the tofflemire only to see an open contact that you could drive a truck through. *Internally you scream hoping your faculty won’t notice but in reality know they’re not even going to attempt to floss that.* Long story short, take the 5 seconds of time to place a wedge, they do indeed matter.

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