Meet Monil Mehta!


We at the Tooth Bank are so thankful for our amazing team! We want to highlight one of our wonderful team members, 2nd year dental student Monil Mehta. Monil is on our marketing and outreach committee.

“I moved to Pennsylvania for dental school from Tennessee, but I was born in India. I want to become a dentist because it combines my interests in entrepreneurship and healthcare while allowing me to work with my hands. Dentistry is a profession that is valued by the community, and a field of dynamic nature that is constantly evolving with new technologies and practice models.

I hope to stay engaged in my community by volunteering my services and addressing dental disparities. I also plan to help advocate for policies, through the ADA, that make it easier to provide the best dental care to patients without crippling costs.

I joined the Tooth Bank because I believe in its mission and the needs it is meeting. I greatly enjoy working with the members of the organization to develop ideas for dental education and dentistry overall.”

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