Hypnosis in the Dental Office

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💥 Monday Morning Drill💥

Although pain management field has seen significant advance, many people nowadays keep avoiding seeing a dentist out of fear or anxiety. Clinical hypnosis seems to bring advantages to dentistry for it helps neutralize indefensible nervousness and phobia in patients. Dental applications of hypnosis include relaxation, relief from fears and anxieties, reduction in both the perception and severity of pain during procedures, control of bleeding and salivation (both for increasing and decreasing flow, as needed), control of bruxism (tooth grinding), finger-sucking, and other habits, and promotion of behavioral modifications associated with optimization of oral health.

Amongst a lot of options for behavior management and modifications, hypnotics is one of the oldest and non-invasive way to control dental anxiety in children, adult as well as in geriatric patients and hence get a better treatment result and a good compliance and satisfaction of the patient. As hypnosis is used it can increase relaxation, which in turn raises the pain threshold, and decrease the requirement for local anesthesia, or at minimum allow it to be better tolerated.

Have you ever seen hypnosis used in dentistry?!

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