How to Wax an Anterior Tooth


How to wax an anterior tooth:

1. Study the anatomy on either the adjacent tooth or on a model. Including line angles, Incisal edge morphology, contacts, mammelons, height of contour, etc.
2. Get your P.K. Thomas instruments ready because they are about to be on🔥. Heat up your instrument for couple of seconds and use it to melt and pick up some wax.
3. Start with the facial. Build the gingival third and focus on getting the height of contour in the correct location.
4. Next, start adding wax to the mesial and distal transitional line angles and continue to add wax to the facial surface and incisal edge.
6. Now for the lingual! The mesial and distal-lingual line angles are very prominent with a fossa in between. Add wax accordingly!✔️
7. Now, let’s contour!👌🏻 Again, focus on the height of contour and line the line angles. A clean Hollenback carver is our favorite for this step. Making sure you don’t incorporate the wax you carved back into the tooth since it creates white specks and porosities.
8. Ready to finish and polish. A piece of panty hose works wonders to polish all surfaces. For extra shine you can use a small amount of soap with a cotton swab to polish!💥

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