Fiber Reinforcement in Dentistry: Introducing Ever X Flow

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How does Fiber Reinforcement help in dentistry?

• Fiber-reinforced restorations have a higher fracture resistance.
• Fiber Reinforcement helps to reinforce fractures in teeth similar to rebar in construction (1).

What is Ever X Flow?

• Randomly-oriented short glass fibers (2).
• To be used as a bulk dentin replacement within restorations to mimic the stress-taking capabilities of the dentin (3).
• Ever X Posterior is not available in USA, but Ever X Flow is.

How do you place Ever X Flow?

• Ever X Flow cannot be placed facing the external part of the tooth because the fibers will stick out.
• Usually start with Immediate Dentin Seal, then Resin Coat
• Place Ever X in bulk ~2-3 mm thick, cure 40 seconds
• Finish by covering with normal packable composite over it to cover the fibers and achieve an esthetic finish.


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