Extraction Mishaps & Mayhem


We all remember the coveted day. Your very first extraction of your first oral surgery rotation as a dental student. I prepped hard and am ready. Reviewed my instruments, knew which anesthesia to give (Hashtag2%LidoWithEpiBaby), knew *every* pathway of the trigeminal…ok maybe not that. I presented to faculty and was ready to conquer tooth #30. The patient is numb, periosteal in hand, and we get to work. Tissue reflected, check. Straight elevator, check and now to elevate. Soon I’m in the groove, doing the elevation wiggle. *A little elevation on the mesial and now a little on the distal, and repeat.* …And then what do you know…I hear a CRACK, but it’s not tooth or the PDL. It’s the PFM crown on #31…HOY NO!… Even though I wanted to run and bury my face in a pillow, I completed the extraction and informed the patient. Turns out #31 was bombed out with tons of recurrent decay under the crown and the patient was actually a great sport about it. But I learned my lesson, so here is your friendly reminder: DO NOT elevate AGAINST the neighboring tooth because it will break or take off the crown!

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