Are You Ready For Your Next Interview?!

Check out these tips!

Are you ready for your next interview?! Whether you’re interviewing for dental school, residency or a job we want to help you be successful. Follow these tips to crush your next interview!

1. Be punctual – Aim to arrive ~15 mins early. The interview starts the moment you arrive so avoid tardiness as it can leave a bad first impression.
2. Be prepared – Research the program or office and think about why you truly want this position. Come up with answers unique to you and your journey.
3. Be confident and be yourself – Avoid giving scripted answers or telling the interviewers the answer you think they want to hear. Your resume got you this far so now it’s time to let your personality shine.
4. Dress to impress – Find an interview outfit that suits you and your personality. You should look professional and polished, but it can show your sense of style.
5. Ask questions- You are also interviewing the program or office to see if it is a good fit for you. Have some questions prepared ahead of time and treat it like a conversation, it will be more enjoyable for everyone.
6. Follow Up – Always send a thank you email or letter to your interviewers!

If you want to work on your interview skills, send us a message. We’ll set up a session to talk and even do a mock interview with you!👍🏻

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