Anxiety Related Tongue Tingling

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Have you or your patients ever experienced a tingling tongue?!

Tingling and numbness are among the most common symptoms of anxiety. While it is common to feel tingling in the hands or feet, it is also possible to notice these symptoms elsewhere, including the tongue. This is what the medical community refers to as psychogenic lingual paresthesia. When a person is anxious, their body prepares them for a fight-or-flight response, triggering a wide range of physical changes. One of these changes is that the blood vessels constrict. The constriction reduces blood flow, which can cause numbness and tingling in different areas.

It is easy to worry about a tingling tongue, especially if a person already feels anxious.
Many different conditions can cause a tingling tongue, so it is important not to ignore it. If it disappears as anxiety eases, the anxiety is likely the cause. Treatment for anxiety-related tongue tingling begins with ruling out other potential causes such as injury to the face, numbing agents, nerve damage, etc. Treatment options for anxiety related tongue tingling can include therapy, medications, acupuncture, support groups, self care like exercising, meditation, etc.

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