There’s No Coming Back Home to Fetch Bob’s Mask

Love Friday Feeling
‘Tis the damn season (as Taylor Swift so eloquently put it), and this year that season is COVID-19. At our school, like most, there is a temperature check-in at the front door that every patient has to go through…well every patient except…apparently…Bob. It was the end of the week – Friday Baby, I can taste the weekend! Bob is scheduled for an *easy* Class V on #30. I’m all set up, ready to roll, and see Bob checked in so I go out to the waiting area and find him, already standing, urgent to go.
  • Me, “Wow Bob, you’re excited for this one!”
  • Bob chuckles, “Just got those Friday feels”.
  • *We arrive back to my cube and Bob sits in the chair.*
  • Bob, “Head’s up, they’re looking for me.”
  • Me, “What? Who’s looking for you?”
  • Bob, “Ya know doc, the ‘fake’ rent-a-cops.
  • *Moments later, 3 University security guards run into the clinic and stop right behind my cube…* *Audible Merp.*
See, Bob doesn’t believe in COVID…or masks for that matter, but he DOES believe in his RIGHT to enter the building for his dental appointment. And by ‘enter’ I mean “Barge over the door man, sprint past security to the clinic, and back to my cube…all the while maskless.” God, I just love ‘easy Fridays!’

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