Sorry Bob, But I Have My License To Protect You


Bob arrives at the office complaining, “Doc, I need my front tooth ‘glued’ back in.” So, automatically I think, “His crown/bridge must have fallen off.” …Well I WISH that were the case. I walk in and see him holding a full arch bridge–FULL ARCH–in his hand. We’re talking splinted crowns spanning teeth #3-14 including posts, roots, and all the works still attached to this prosthesis sitting there. Yep you read that right, there were full-on teeth still attached to this bridge! Meanwhile Bob is still saying, “I just need my front teeth glued back in.” After a long conversation I had to explain how/why I couldn’t “just glue it back in…reinserting/cementing infected teeth back into the sockets.” Unfortunately, Bob didn’t seem to find any issue with this at all STILL! I’m sorry Bob, but I have my license to protect your life, and we just can’t cross that line.

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