“My gums bleed A LOT!”


A different Bob came in this week as an “emergency patient” and since I’m a nice guy I finagled to fit him into my schedule…which was my first mistake. I do a one-over of his chart and see his CC: “My gums bleed A LOT when I brush and floss on the top right side.” I swear my eyes are STILL rolling to the back of my head from reading that. But I took a deep breath, mumbled a few choice words, and went to the room he’s in. Reviewed Medical/Dental Hx, Allergies, HPI, etc. and explain to Bob I suspect he’s probably “experiencing something called Gingivitis” and “just needs a good cleaning since it’s been over a year from his last one.” Regardless, I humor him, lean him back, do a quick clinical exam, and take a couple xrays, and guess what…? Yup, NO SIGNIFICANT FINDINGS! Who would have thought? Oh right, me! So I rinse the UR with peridex, reviewed OHI, and told him to keep brushing and flossing and schedule a cleaning on his way out. I wanted to also tell him not to let the door hit him…but I can’t afford to retire…yet.

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