Jean Was Late Because of Her YOU-Bur

I have an appointment scheduled for Jean at 1:00pm. She has some of the biggest “nonrestorable-restorable” caries I have ever seen. I am freaking out, gearing up, breaking out the MTA for my first pulp exposure in clinic. I skip lunch (the irony) and am ready to go 30 minutes early.
1:00pm – No Jean to be seen. But I haven’t lost faith. *10 Hours Later…* 1:45pm – I start packing up realizing that she likely isn’t coming. 1:59pm I look one final time at AxiUm and see she just arrived. I rush out to greet her and she gives me an excuse about ‘the Uber’ (pronounced YOU-Bur by Jean) and traffic. At this point, I realize Jean is carrying a full bag of Chinese takeout…WTF Jean? I tell her it’s fine and we will put it in a safe place. Jean is distraught at this solution and says she needs to eat right now, proceeds to open the bag, and starts eating Crab Rangoon In. My. Chair! She says, “…it would have been rude to eat when the YOU-Bur driver was talking.” *Blinks.* Needless to say I didn’t do a filling and she is now planned for NSRCT on that tooth.

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