Jean Made Us Throw Up


Jean comes in one day for a few extractions. I bring her into OMFS clinic, get her seated, consents signed, ready to go. I start numbing her up, have a good friend assisting me, and it was a slow morning in OS so our faculty is also hanging around the room. That Lido is finally kicking in and we’re ready to roll. The small talk was going fine…until it took a turn. Jean mentions how she has so much ‘tartar’ on her teeth. I give her my usual OHI spiel and discuss why it’s important we finish the treatment we have planned. I’m about ready to put the periosteal on the tissue when Jean pauses and says, “Yea…but I would feel bad for my dog…he likes the taste and to lick the tartar off in the morning.” My friend, faculty, and I all make the MOST AWKWARD eye contact and I choked down my breakfast. Never have I ever felt so provoked to call the ASPCA.

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