Bob Thinks He Can Hoodini His Dentist

Bob came in needing a maxillary complete denture but had to go through treatment planning first. During the treatment planning appt he didn’t understand why I couldn’t just make a denture on top of his broken down upper teeth. He even got offended that we were “trying to rip him off” when I informed him of the price for implants. We barely finished his comprehensive exam and couldn’t get a full treatment plan together. I scheduled his tx planning appt for the next week and he reluctantly agreed to come.
One week passed and he rolled into the next appt with a huge grin on his face. He gets in the chair and says, “Wait till you see my teeth, I ought to become a dentist myself, I did half your job for you!” *I was horrified but curious at the same time.* I asked him to open his mouth to see what he had done. To my horror I looked in and found that he had drilled hardware screws into the canals of all his anterior root tips. He looked at me saying, “My buddy and I took a bottle of Jack to my workshop and made my own implants. Now I can have one of those expensive ‘overdentures’ you were talking about last week! Just make a normal denture and I’ll screw it in.”

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