Bob Need Some Help With His Tooth ASAP


So I get Bob as a new patient, do a comprehensive exam, FMX, full work-up, the whole 9-yards. Suffice it to say Bob’s mouth was a train-wreck and there were more hopeless unrestorable teeth than sound ones. I draw up the different treatment plan options, explain them to Bob, and review the teeth that need to be extracted. After going through all of that Bob is still hesitant about having them extracted because, “[he] didn’t feel any pain and not be able to chew.” I totally understand and get that. So I tell Bob how some of his molars not only have severe bone loss, but the second I apply any apical pressure they’re suppurating white, liquid gold that would make Dr. Pimple Popper giddy. I also mention that I’ll make him a transitional partial so he can chew and function after the exos. All that still wasn’t convincing enough because Bob was still reluctant. There are just some people you can’t help.

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